Rebirth...Sort of.

So I haven’t really been blogging since the myspace days (minus a few months of a beardblog last year), so I’m giving it a go. I feel very out of touch with the world these days, whether it be fans, friends, family, or whatever. Hopefully I can use this forum to keep in touch with people and share what’s going on in my life, or just share my thoughts on things from time to time, and at the very least entertain you guys along the way. 

….It was either this or a podcast, and rather than try to state that I’m old fashioned, or better in written form, I’ll simply confess that this is way cheaper to produce and far less effort.

I’ll be posting here regularly about random stuff from time to time. Right now, the main focus of launching a blog is sort of a “re-branding” surrounding my new album “Social Hand Grenades” that releases digitally on October 16, 2012. 

This album has been 4 years in the making, and has really been a giant pain in my asshole. We’ve tried recording this thing three times since January 2011, and it has been one thing after another. We’re finally done, thanks to a great crowd in Minneapolis and the quick work of producer Tom Colvin. 

Why buy it? I dunno man, I could go into so much detail about why to buy it for various reasons, but I’ll try to keep it simple: Buy it so I can keep going. 

This album has taken 4 years to write, 4 years for me to be motivated to produce it, and 4 years for me to still hate the material and keep re-writing jokes each time I listen to it. That will probably be the case with everything I do, so I must stop at some point and get it out there. I watched Michael Rappaport’s documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, and remembered the part where the label had to literally rip “Low End Theory” from Q-tip’s hands, or else it would have never been good enough for him to release. Perfectionist to a fault sometimes.

My goal is very modest right now. I hope after 4 years of writing and growth as a comedian and as a person, you like what we’ve put out there enough for us to sell a few thousand copies or so. Ideally, I’d like to use that money to keep making cool stuff for you guys. 

I’ve written a TV pilot, as well as some movie ideas, and every penny I make from my art is only going to get re-invested in me getting to share more stuff with you, whether that be things I write, perform, or produce. 

Thank you in advance for any of your support! If you like it, buy it, tell friends to buy it, and review it on iTunes or Amazon and let me know what you guys think!

Posted on October 3, 2012 .