On my mind...

So I have some interesting things on my brain today, and I want to jot them down and maybe get a dialogue going, so leave some comments under this on Facebook, twitter, or tumblr.

I watched a documentary last night called “surviving progress,” and it really got me thinking: I think there may be some interesting ideas about things in this world when you consider the perspective that this planet is trying to defend itself against our total extraction of our resources.

Is it possible that our ecosystem has some how has triggered mutations in us to limit our inability to regulate our population? A lot of people think there are secret societies with plans to eradicate the populous, but did you ever stop to think that nature is already doing it?

Maybe cancer/disease is natures way of trying to kill us off at a faster rate? Perhaps that’s why they keep mutating and getting more deadly and effecting more people?

Perhaps homosexuality is genetic, and its becoming a more common gene pattern simply because nature is trying to limit our reproductive rate? That could be why it effects all species, but humans the most?

Some interesting thoughts I had watching this last night. What do you guys think?

Posted on October 3, 2012 .