So I’m sure I’ll get called a faggot several thousand times for what’s in this post and that’s fine, but I’m bored in my Vegas hotel room, haven’t blogged in a while, and thought I would get some thoughts down.

I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” this week, and was really inspired by it. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in 2012, but since about September I have hit a plateau, so I thought I would give a juice fast a shot.

I’m onto the second day already, and I feel pretty good. The hunger hasn’t really been too much to deal with. I think I timed the start well considering I’m battling the flu, so I couldn’t feel more like shit, and I’m not really hungry anyway, and I’m sure the high vitamin and juice intake is good.

The surprising thing about this first 36 hours is that I never realized how much my day often revolves around food. I always knew I loved food and loved to eat, but coming back to my hotel room tonight at 6pm without dinner plans really threw me for a loop. It was like “if I’m not going out to eat, what is there to do?”

I never really thought of myself as a food addict, but today was the first day I think I realized how much a part of my every day centered around “scoring,” which in this case would be eating.

I actually feel that the mental part of this will be harder than the physical part. My goal is to go thirty days straight, so I’ll do my best to share the journey with any of you guys that care to read!

Posted on January 19, 2013 .