Some Holiday Thoughts...

I just wanted to say to everyone today: Merry Christmas! I hope you're surrounded by loved ones, and if not I hope you can eat enough FEEL like you're surrounded by loved ones right before you go into your coma.

It was this time ten years ago that I started writing my first standup set. On January 4th, 2007 I took those jokes to Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester, MN and started what I now know to be my life's passion, and trust to be my life's calling and purpose: making people laugh and entertaining them. It has been a long road attempting to turn that passion into work; a job; a way to make a living. It's been filled with ups and down and constant rejection.

This past year I was randomly discovered by two producers, named Zak Weisfeld and Libby Richman, at Lusid Media out of Knoxville Tennessee that saw something in me. Mostly the beginnings of type 2 diabetes, but they saw an intersection between my passion for food and my comedy where they could squeeze some magic out of me. We shot a sizzle, a pitch, and a pilot developed by Courtney White and Neil Regan at Travel Channel, which eventually led to a full season of what is now know as #GinormousFood executive produced by Steven Lerner at Scripps for the Food Network.

It has taken 10 years and an army of powerful and talented people that believe in me to get the best Christmas gift I could've ever asked for: an opportunity to entertain this great country en mass (pun intended) and to share my humor with the world.

It could be the start of a great career, or it could end up being a bright spot in an otherwise mediocre career. But I would be remiss to let the anticipation of results ruin the moment and prevent me from being TRULY GRATEFUL.

I am proud of our little show, and I mean that. Director David Konschnik really brought amazing vision to our project and helped make the show I wanted to make. From our DOP Scott Bynum, and 2nd shooter Rob Stivers, to our sound guys Jacob Falls and Spencer Smith, our field producer Corin Wilson, and our culinary producer Chanel Betuk, EVERYONE hit home runs every day, and I truly feel we left it all in the field.

It's now on you, the viewer, to decide if we did well enough. Regardless of what you think, I'm proud of everyone involved in this process and so honored and humbled that they believe in me enough to lend their talents to our program, and in eternally grateful to all of you that will tune in and see how we did.

Now go tear open some presents, stuff your faces, and hug your loved ones. We will see you on January 6th!


Posted on December 24, 2016 .