Shitty Marketing, Late Night TV, & #FilmTweetsLive

So I had three separate ideas for blogs recently, and decided: why make three separate blogs when I can just cover all of the topics in one? I'll try to make it quick, but just had some thoughts on some things and wanted to share with everyone. 

I started watching a show on Hulu recently (how awesome is Hulu when it comes to discovering new stuff btw?) called "Younger." It's a TVLand show, and the pilot was put on Hulu over a month or so ago. I figured I'd check it out, and to my surprise I really dug it. It was about a woman in her 40's that get's mistake for being in her mid 20's and decides to perpetuate the lie in her pursuit of getting a job that a "hip young millennial" should get. 

The writing is really clever, and the casting is great too. I'd have to say that the only critique I have about the show itself is that it's a half hour, and it could easily be an hour like Jane the Virgin. It's a really strong show.

I recently got traditional cable again too, and caught a commercial for Younger, and I have to say the marketing for the show is absolute shit. It makes it look like this cheesy "girl power" type show about female empowerment and camaraderie, and it completely fails to display the show's biggest strength: that it's funny! It immediately turned me off, and I thought: "wow, is this why female-heavy or black-heavy shows fail? Because they're so focused on capturing a specific audience instead of an audience?" As a writer, it's horrifying to me that we could go through all of the difficulty of making what we actually want to make, and then a shitty trailer could be cut together and ruin our chances of success. I felt like I saw the same thing with Neil Blomkamp's recent film "Chappie." I was able to see it early; about 3 months before it came out, and I honestly thought it was the BEST movie I've seen in years. Really fun, really funny, heartfelt, and great acting. The trailers made it look like some sort of action suspense thriller. It couldn't have felt more disconnected to the film itself, and I completely blame the marketing of it on the box office failure of the film. 

To me, it's a perfect example of someone trying to market content as if it is a "brand" with it's own demographic, it's own market, etc. But the thing with art is that you never know. You don't know who the market it is until it airs. This is why Netflix is GOLD when it comes to launching a show. They use the ACTUAL FUCKING DATA from the views to determine who the market is. There's no guessing, it's based on reality. 

Moral is, watch Younger. It's really good, despite what the marketing might tell you.

Speaking of TV, I've been watching a lot more late night TV lately. There's a general consensus in the comedy world today that a late night appearance (Tonight Show, Conan, Kimmel, Letterman, and now Corden) no longer has the power to break a comedian. I have to say, I greatly disagree. I think the power is still there. Late Night is more accessible now than ever before. You can watch on demand, on Hulu the next day, or even online. I think the real issue is a tougher one for people to face: The comedy just isn't that good.

I watched about 20 episodes on my DVR with different comedians on, and I have to say that barely any of them even got a giggle out of me. This isn't hate BTW. Sure I'd love to be on a late night program, but I don't need it to know that I'm funny. I'm a great writer, I have a unique voice and style, and I'm proud of the work that I put out each week, whether it's for 1 person or 1000. I'd put my set up against ANY late night set out there. But the comedy fan in me craves great comedy. I want to root for these guys, they're my peers. I want them to CRUSH it. I want them to inspire me to be a better comedian and work harder and write more, but the sad truth is that they just don't. There are either guys that are clean cut, and totally un-original, or they are extremely alt and miss the mark entirely. I'd honestly rather see them put the same 5 people up each night, as long as they are Cristela Alonso, Rory Scovel, Tommy Johnagin, etc. These guys get on late night regularly, and absolutely deserve it. There are also great comedians out there that haven't been on late night yet, like Joe Dosch out of LA for instance. I had Joe on my show recently in Santa Monica, and he absolutely killed it. He's a tremendous writer, great joke-smith, likable, and good looking to boot. His lack of "heat" astounds me, and is one of the many great injustices in the business. I have faith that guys like he and I will only get better with time, and that eventually the right things will fall into place.

Finally, just wanted to say thanks to the few of you goodly enough to watch movies with me on twitter through our Monday #FilmTweetsLive! It's something that seems to be growing slowly but surely. I really enjoy doing it, and I hope you do too! If you don't know what it is, we basically live tweet an old movie each Monday night at 9 pacific. Feel free to join in with us anytime!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading. Keep an eye peeled for new clips and new tour dates coming soon!

Posted on April 17, 2015 .