New Album Time.

Hey friends,

It's been quiet over here lately, so not much to talk about..until today that is. I just wanted to fire up the ole' blog machine today to give you guys an update on what's been happening, and what's on the horizon!

I had my first  "TV pitch meeting" yesterday, for a show I wrote along with my friend Mikalah Gordon. You may remember her from Season 4 of American Idol, or from a recent standup show around LA. Mikalah has been doing standup for the last year, and we met sometime around April after being introduced by our manager Carl (we share Carl, but in a non-sexual way) and our good friend Max Decker. Mikalah had a great concept for a show, and after working together for the last few months on it, we've got a pilot we love and we've started taking it about town. It felt really good to get the first "real" pitch out of the way for this one, and regardless of what happens, it was a great experience for both of us, and something I'm happy to have done. 

Side Note: If you're taking a meeting at a studio or production company in Hollywood, don't bring them donuts. We thought it would be a nice gesture, because we still live in 1996 apparently. They looked at us like we offered them deep fried pieces of toddler.

It was a stressful weekend to say the least. I am battling seasonal allergies (apparently that's a thing you start doing when you cross 30), and on top of that, had the pleasure of juggling shows on Saturday. Some of you may have noticed the last minute change, and I want to thank my good friend TK for opening up some stage time for me on Saturday night.

Formosa is definitely a different animal than the Comedy Store, but if you haven't been to a show there, I definitely suggest you get there immediately. It's truly become my favorite spot to perform in LA. It's a tiny back patio room, that fits no more than about 60 people. It's a great place for mid-tier comedians like myself to go and stretch out, and really work on new stuff.

With that being said, I will be spending the next 4 weeks there working on content for my 3rd album release, which I hope to do sometime in late 2015. There are shows at Formosa both Friday and Saturday nights each week, and I will announce which day I will be doing each week so that you can come out and see some of the new material.

I'm not really a guy that writes out his "bits." My style has always been to take a premise to the stage with some loose ideas, and let it grow into whatever it becomes. I generally do this for about a year with each bit before it's "done" (even though it may never be). 

These will be some really fun shows. You will get an inside look at my writing process, and get to see some brand new stuff in it's infancy before it's flushed out and set-ready. There were some hilariously fun moments while doing this last Saturday, so I encourage you to come. 

Even if none of that is interesting to you, the shows themselves are tremendous in their own right. Some of my few friends in comedy and great performers are there each week. Guys like Teddy Tutson, Justin Rupple, Alex's both Hughes and Mandleberg, Erica Rhodes, Darren Capozzi, Jeff May, and so many more that I'm probably forgetting. 

The best part of this show is that it's only $10 bucks to get in, easy to park, and have great food and drink to boot. I highly suggest you come check it out, as it's growing into one of the coolest underground spots in town.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you at a show this month!



Posted on September 30, 2014 .