CrowdFunding Herpes


So, spring is in full swing, and I’ve had a horrible breakout of crowd funding herpes.

Many of you that follow me on twitter may have seen that I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a possible vinyl re-release of my last album. We’re about 10% funded, and a bit behind schedule, but I know it’s a super-specific project, and may not be for everyone. A special thanks and shoutout to those of you that have jumped on it, and would like to see it made. I definitely think it’s cooler than a CD, and would love to get to do it.

In other crowdsourcing news, I’ve been messaged occasionally on twitter and Facebook from fans around the country asking when I’ll be in their towns. So often I have found myself asking “if there was only a way to KNOW that I’d make enough to justify doing the date before booking it.” 

As always, the internet has answered my prayers.

Enter RABBL.COM, a new LIVE GIG CROWDSOURCING site. You got it.

It’s a Kickstarter site for live shows. I can simply pick out a city, and a week of the year, and you guys can pre-order your tickets. If I hit the amount of tickets I need to sell to take the trip, the gig is “booked,” or confirmed, and the show happens. If not, the show doesn’t happen, and just like Kickstarter your money is refunded right back into your account. If the show is booked, and for some reason it doesn’t happen, you are refunded on the day the show was SUPPOSED to be.

So, as much as I’d love to throw up 52 dates tonight, we’re going to run a little test:

In the next few days, I will launch Rabbl campaigns for my two former hometowns: Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. If these campaigns are successful, I will set 52 dates for next year, and we’ll do as many shows as we possibly can in preparation for my 3rd album.

So where do you come in?

It’s simple. These shows DON’T happen unless you pre-order your tickets. Also, if you really want me to come to your town, I need your help! Share the Rabbl link with your friends, show them comedy clips or videos, and get them excited enough to commit to the show!

Also, if you live in Minneapolis or Philadelphia, comment on this blog post (either on tumblr, Facebook, or twitter) and name a local comedian that you would MOST want to see on the lineup with me. I’ll reach out to them, and see if they’re down to do it.

These are YOUR shows, so only you guys have the power to make them go.

Thanks for all of your continued support, and I hope to see you all on the road soon! 



Posted on July 11, 2014 .